Un(healthy) Eating


About 6 months ago I began working for an organic, vegan, raw foods company in New York City. I thought I would be around the healthiest people ever and dive even more into healthy eating and living, but it’s honestly made me want to run the other way and while eating pizza.

I grew up a vegetarian, I dabbled in veganism for a few years and overall have studied healthy living and nutrition for a long time.  I love yoga, neti pots, kale, etc. I love healthy food, it’s important and obviously changes our lives. But my experience lately interacting with fellow “healthy people” has made me scared for the health community. I think we are all bordering on a new eating disorder- extreme obsession about health and what we eat that it’s completely unhealthy.

People put so many rules around their food and eating. They don’t eat gluten, or are strict vegan, or oil free, or they don’t eat fruit at the end of a meal (food combining!),  they only eat raw or vegan- to the point that they would rather starve the whole afternoon than have a snack that’s not absolutely in line with the food rules they made for themselves. Or people spend one day binge eating “healthy” deserts and the next day starve themselves to make up for it, but it’s okay because that’s called “intermittent fasting.” Or people are on such unrealistic diets that they could never just go out to a meal with friends and enjoy something, or their food specifics are so crazy that they have no idea how to cook meals for themselves and have to buy all their food already made. The stories people tell me about what they do or do not eat are really just insane.

All of this worries me because nothing about this behavior is peaceful, whole, nourishing or calming. And that’s what I think food is supposed to be.

None of this is a reflection of the health food company I work for. Plenty of people enjoy healthy food in a healthy way. What I’m talking about is some people in the health community losing their minds and becoming completely out of touch with what normal, healthy eating is -myself included.

I see all this in so many people because it has been my personal experience. I realized I had rules around food that weren’t realistic and didn’t even make a lot of sense. In my focus on living so healthily, I had become pretty unhealthy.  Friends who drink Diet Coke or eat Taco Bell once in a while were probably healthier than me, and that was a tough thought to swallow. In the health community a tid-bit from the experts comes out on websites and books every day. We never touch GMO’s or microwave food, soy is the new devil, balsamic is too acidic, you can’t have bread but a wrap is okay- we rack up this info and add it to our list of foods not to eat, trying to keep it all straight, and create a general fear and concern about food that builds and builds everyday.

Instead of listening to what our bodies want and feeling balanced and calm around food, it creates the opposite. A need for perfection, specifics, control and worry.

Everyone is different. Our bodies and minds need different types of food, nourishment and lifestyles. Don’t let some food guru, website or yourself tell you you’ll be a better person if you eat a certain way. Being so controlling and putting so many rules and labels on your food or lifestyle really isn’t the answer to your health concerns- or your life.

If you don’t feel peaceful around food, it’s okay and there’s plenty of people who feel the same. You can be aware of it and turn it around. Let go of thinking foods are good or bad. Decide to feel good about yourself, regardless of what the scale has to say about you or what you ate yesterday. It may be a revolutionary concept.





Bendy Beaches



Who cares how bendy you are if you’re not a nice person.

If you can touch your toes or bend backwards, that’s cool. But really I just want to ask you, are you a nice person?

I’ve been around the yoga scene in New York City for a long time. I’ve tried millions of styles of yoga, studios and certifications all around New York and California. I’ve also met and worked with lots of yoga teachers, read tons of blogs and (lately) seen tons of bendy photos on Instagram. And you know what- it’s time to get real. Since when did yoga become such a competition? Since when were you advanced or cool if you could be bendy? When did it start to matter so much? I think we are missing something here..

That’s not what lifes about. I’m not sure what being a nice person has to do with yoga, but I think they are related somehow. Cause isn’t “being a nice person” a general goal in life? No? If we spent a week reaching for, and working on, being nice to others as much as we do on getting into a handstand, I think we’d see some pretty cool stuff.

Don’t worry so much about posing, on or off your mat. Look others in the eye. Feel good about yourself. Love others. I’ve seen too many people do advanced “yoga” on their mats and than be a jerk to someone behind the counter, or completely rude to someone in the lobby. Am I missing something?

It’s easy to keep to yourself, push your hamstrings and fold over every day, to reach some goal of making your body make a certain shape. But can you be loving and nice towards others? Buy a sandwich for a homeless person. Be patient in line at TRADER JOES? Look someone in the eye and genuinely ask them how they are. Care. That’s the real stuff I’m talking about. And it doesn’t show on instagram.

The jig is up. The partys over. I officially don’t care about how bendy someone is, or how many YTT hours teachers have. Get something else new to pride yourself on and boast about. I wanna hear about how selfless you can be, and how much you can give and love others. Lets give it a try.


Hi Friends!
marina yoga
My sassy Russian friend Marina is teaching yoga to kids in Brooklyn schools! She’s collecting money to give them some clothes to wear for yoga because they don’t have any. It would be super exciting for these kids to get a fun surprise. Sometimes you are given something small, and it’s not about what you got, but it’s the feeling that you are loved and cared for and valued, that really stays with you. I know we can make these kids, and my friend Marina, feel that way.
If you can donate, the link is below. Whatever you can give would be really exciting!
Give Forward- Yoga Clothes For Kids


I have the audacity to believe that we can make a change. One person, one smile, one piece of yoga clothing at a time :)

Thanks for reading this!
Lots of Love,




Me Singing

I use to sing. I haven’t sang in forever, like 10 years. We made this video for fun.


Strala Yoga


Oh haaaaaaay! This week I finished a 200hr yoga training at Strala Yoga in New York. It’s my most favorite yoga place on the face of the earth and I’m so happy that it is in NYC! It’s a moving meditation style of yoga that focuses on movement and breath rather than poses. This means much more of getting into you and feeling you, which feels really good. I’ve done yoga for 10 years, used to teach and this is my 3rd certification. Nothing has changed me or stuck with me like Strala has. It’s fun, there’s awesome music and the people there are happy and inspiring.

check it out www.Strala Yoga.com

and check out www.TaraStiles.com




Make your own raw almond, peanut butter, dark chocolate and sea salt creations in the vitamix!



I just throw in handfuls of whatever I want and whip something up!

Birth Story at the IFC

Ina May Gaskin


I went to the premier of Birth Story in NYC last night at the IFC Center!

Birth story is a film about Ina May Gaskin and her life as a midwife. SO inspiring! I am just now learning more about natural birth and just learning about birth in general, which is weird to say most most of us now more about Paris Hilton than we do about how our body works to have a baby. When you’re having a baby your not sick, it’s not an illness, you don’t have to be at the hospital. Medicine now days really interferes with the whole birth process which makes it more of a traumatic and painful experience for a lot of women giving birth.

Regardless of her line of work,  Ina May Gaskin really inspired me. She’s really fearless and authentic, calm and grounded and super funny. She’s an awesome example of a woman who is really making a change.

It was super cool because just as the lights went down and the film was about to start, Ina May HERSELF came in and sat next to me. I thought it was a sign that maybe she would help me have baby one day and I saw myself on the hippie farm having a natural birth. But that’s a long ways away… cause I should probably get a job and a boyfriend first. But whatever, it was a cool movie and a really good night.

Check out the movie here http://birthstorymovie.com/




Veggie Fun Bowl




Put some salt and pepper, lemon juice and olive oil on some kale and let that sit, roasted up some broccoli, cauliflower and red potatoes,  sautéed the kale with some quinoa and chickpeas. viola.

Smoothie Fun Time






Smoothie fun time:

Peanut butter, almond milk, frozen strawberries and blueberries, and chia seeds. A little whip cream on top for fun.

Almond Butter Cookies

Made some easy almond butter cookies inspired by Tara Stiles!